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Bob Smart Shop is a fast growing online Shopping Mall, intended to build a Smart Home and a Smart City, moving towards a Smart Life, using Internet Of Things (IoT).

Bob Smart Shop is an online Shopping Mall, which accommodates all types of Shops and offices, selling variety of Smart Products or Smart Services. You can visit these shops, view their products and place order or request for appointment.

  Buyers / Consumers

As a Consumer, you can visit different Retail / Wholesale Shops, registered in Bob Smart Shop and order different items, as per your convenience. Shopkeepers will then deliver Ordered Products, on your mailing address and get payment as Cash on Delivery.

  Shopkeeper / Service Providers

As a Shopkeeper / Wholesaler, you can Register in Bob Smart Shop and display your products under different Product Categories, with best competetive prices. You can also define distance of free home delivery and other details, as Cash On Delivery or Payment By Credit Card, with your own Card Devices.

We welcome more and more Shopkeepers / Service Providers to enter their details and showcase their products through this site.

Please mail us at or, with below details, if you wish to sell your products on this site.

    Shop/Company Name:

    Shop Photo: (in gif or jpg format)

    About Shop: (Small Description of Your shop)

    Mailing Address:

    Email Address:

    Contact Nos.:

    Payment or Delivery Terms: (You can sell your products in any country or region. Just mention your delvery range in this column)

and then provide below details, for each Product or category:

    Product Name:

    Product Photo: (in gif or jpg format)

    Its Price / Price Range: (You can enter exact price or a range of price as Rs. 1200 - 2500)

    Small Description of each product:

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